Kanye West’s tweet storm isn’t finished. On Friday, he ran hard at Drake with an epic tirade in more than 125 tweets.

Today, he’s tweeting progressively about emotional wellness and hitting out at celebs who exploited the circumstance to take shots at him beginning with Ariana Grande.

At the point when Kanye West begun his tweetstorm two evenings prior, Ariana Grande who had quite recently dropped a melody with Miley Cyrus tweeted, ‘folks, I know there are developed men contending on the web at this moment yet Miley and I dropping our excellent, new tunes today around evening time so if y’all could satisfy simply carry on for simply like a couple of hours so the young ladies can sparkle that’d be so wiped out much obliged’.

Kanye West in his reaction this evening stated, ‘the majority of this absurdity burdened my psychological well-being so Ariana Grande you realize I got love for you yet until the point when you’re prepared to truly ensure everybody’s alright don’t utilize me or this minute to advance a melody’.