What you are reading now could actually be a life changing for somebody out there if not you. I strongly recommend that every man goes for an immediate check up to monitor their prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) level.
I only wish I had gotten the opportunity to read something like this early enough. I have always thought some illnesses are non-existence in the real world all because neither me nor any of my family member ever suffered a life threatening disease not until recently, when I was diagnosed of having enlarged prostate.
What more can be as deadly as a disease that kills one slowly without showing symptoms? ‘Looking healthy is never same as being healthy’ this should be the first lesson of life which I learnt the hard way.
For several years I deprived myself of sound sleep at nights as I never had control of my bladder. I urinated quit often than any normal person should. Yet I felt all I needed to do was to control my water intake and liquids consumption generally.
The former was achievable but the latter a bit difficult since I was an occasional drinker. It took about four years before I detected that I had a time bomb (abnormal prostate growth) in me. Everything that surrounds me made it difficult for me to discover the abnormality in my life. I am a factory worker and could work for a very long duration with less rest. I only concluded that it was the reasons for my frequent back aches and intimacy challenges.
I was married for two years without a child and always felt everything was well with me since I could still perform to my own best ability at least. My wife was never so relaxed but she was more like a prayer warrior. She had prayed and fasted enough but it never cured our ignorance.
On May 8, 2016, I was in church when a family shared their testimony of having their first child after 6 years of marriage. The wife couldn’t hold back her tears when she spoke about the miracle God performed in the life of the husband. I was moved but something told me I could gain from their experiences.
I suddenly began to feel like I had a problem. I made contact with the man (testifier) later that week and explained my own situation to him; he did not hold back at all, he narrated his experiences with prostate enlargement and his attempts for medical correction before his breakthrough with
Immediately he told me his experiences, I knew my visit to the hospital was a mere formality. I went anyway only to confirm that my assumptions were true. Mine was more like an epic drama as the doctor described my condition as critical and my late endeavor as mercy after injury. I went through several examinations like:
A biomarker test checking the blood, urine and body tissues. The tests showed abnormal results and further tests were required.
A PCA3 test examining the urine for the PCA3 gene only found in prostate cancer cells and a transrectal ultrasound scan which provided imaging of the affected region.
The doctor said if I was to stand any chance at all, I will undergo chemotherapy, a biopsy, or the removal of 12 to 14 small pieces of tissue from several areas of the prostate for further examination and confirmation of the stage of the cancer.
There were too many questions running through my mind when I received the diagnose. How could I have spent several hours on the internet on daily basis without having to come across information about this prostate enlargement? How come I never visited the hospital for proper examination early enough? But my main focus was on treatment at least that was all that mattered then.
To cut the long story I never wasted time on the surgery as I could not afford spending heavily on an uncertain cure. Mr Abiodun was my last resort and his hope of assurance ProHealth was what he gave to me. I think I have to say doing it his way was the best decision I ever made.
Now I sleep more like a baby and feel chronic back aches no more. I had my child dedication in church last month but felt it should not end there. The internet is a fast means to touch many lives that is why you are reading this testimony now. Please share your story too after the cure. You might be saving a life.