It appears as thought we’d have a Daddy Freeze-Akpororo Face-off..

Everything began at the simply finished up Experience 2018, when Comedian Akporo got out Daddy Freeze for continually assaulting Pastors over tithing issues.

Paying of Tithes has been a noteworthy discourse via web-based networking media, with a few people having a few feelings.

Daddy Freeze is one who says nobody should pay tithes to chapel.

At yesterday’s experience, Akpororo repeated that Daddy Freeze never composed the Bible thus can’t advise anybody to quit paying tithe.

Accordingly, Freeze composed;

in fact I no wan see your bible, it\u2019s working for me\u201d really got me… Is #TheExperience now used to advertise the fact that bible study is no longer essential?

This public rejection of scriptural evidence, can only serve to highlight Apororo’s nescience of the subject matter, which sadly is in symphony with the untaught stance of most Pentecostal pastors, who subscribe to subjectivism in contradistinction to intellectualism.

However, my disappointment does not lie in Apororo, but moreso in Paul Adefarasin, who could allow someone so uncultivated in scriptural matters, address such a delicate issue as tithing on his platform, before the public.

Apororo’s paedolalia on stage brought to light an absurd level of benightedness that perhaps would have otherwise remained veiled.

Even Paul Adefarasin himself, despite more than 2 decades as a pastor, is still visibly struggling to acquire a more comprehensive understanding and as a result, offer a more punctilious thesis on the topic, without lending his endorsement, like most of his counterparts are, to emotional and sentimental assertions.

This resplendent display of utter ignorance could have been avoided, should the church have chosen not to employ the services of what would be regarded in civilized climes as a circus clown, to minister on the pulpit, which remains one of the huge demerits of mixing secular comedy with secular concert style events to attract a larger crowd.

Also, lest I forget, Apororo, it wasn’t a lion but a bear that attacked the boys in that Elisha story, read that bible bruv, it won’t bite you!


Akpororo has now fired back at the controversial OAP, he says Freeze shouldn’t drag the convener of the Experience, Pastor Paul Adefarasin into their ‘argument’.

Akpororo questioned how many churches have fallen down since Freeze stopped paying tithes

Daddy Freeze replies Akpororo