It’s safe to say that if we find certain things in his home, we can say with confidence that he’s not as mature as he should be.

People say not to judge a book by its cover… but you can definitely judge a guy by his apartment. The first time that you go over to a guy’s apartment is exciting and also nerve-racking. You want to make a good impression and you want the relationship to be successful, but at the same time, you want this guy and his house to make a good impression on you.

You can learn a lot about someone from the way that they have decorated their home and the kinds of things that they have around. Is this apartment more bachelor pad than sophisticated? Does the place that he calls home make it seem like he should be five or ten years younger than he is? When you visit his place the first time or even the first few times, you’re going to be really observant and will make sure to take note of everything.

While every guy is different, it’s safe to say that if you find certain things in his home, you can say with confidence that he’s not as mature as he should be. If he has these 20 things in his bedroom or his house, he’s still a boy, not a man.

20 Posters On The Walls Aren’t A Good Sign

Everyone had posters on the walls of their childhood and teenage bedroom. You were always proud to display your love for a certain band or singer or actor, from The Backstreet Boys to Hanson, depending on when you grew up.

What about a guy in his 20’s who still decorates his walls with tons of posters? That might be a different story. If he has a lot of posters in his bedroom, that proves that he’s still a boy, not a man. It’s just not very sophisticated or grown-up.

19 Figurines Spell Immaturity

There is really no reason that someone above the age of 12 should have figurines or toys in their house, right?

It’s honestly tough to walk into a guy’s place for the first time and see figurines. It can make you wonder just how mature he is and if he’s going to take the relationship seriously (or if you’re not quite at that official stage yet, if you’ll even get there). He might smile and shrug and say that he has a lot of nostalgia for the toys he played with when he was a kid, but why is he holding onto them… and why is he displaying them?

18 Dirty Clothes (And Especially Socks) On The Floor Don’t Make Him Boyfriend Material


It’s just a fact of life that some guys are messy and like to throw their dirty clothes anywhere and everywhere. A lot of girls complain that their boyfriends or husbands never put clothes away and don’t ever use the laundry hamper.

It’s safe to say that if you notice that he’s got dirty clothes on the floor (with an emphasis on dirty socks, which are definitely pretty gross), he might not be boyfriend material. He might not be mature enough for a real relationship and it’s possible that he doesn’t take very many things or people all that seriously.

17 His Socks (Or Worse—His Boxers) All Have Holes And He Doesn’t Seem To Replace Them


It’s a pain to buy new socks or clothing when they start getting ratty and gross. But, well, you do what you have to do, and you would rather throw out clothes that are full of holes. You have to take a certain amount of pride in yourself and the clothing that you wear.

That’s not happening when he has a lot of socks that are completely full of holes. Worse than that, he doesn’t seem to replace them because it seems like every sock that he owns has a hole in it. And even worse than that? He’s got boxers that have holes in them. This is all kinds of awkward.

16 He’s A Boy, Not A Man When He’s Got A Futon, Not A Real Couch

Futons are practical and great when you have overnight guests. They make sense when you have a house or a two-bedroom apartment and have one room that is your guest room and maybe an office.

If this guy that you’re seeing has a futon in his living room and you realize that he doesn’t have an actual couch, that’s a red flag. It’s just not that grown-up or mature. Futons are one step above having a mattress on the floor instead of a real bed. Honestly, it’s not that hard to find an affordable couch, get a hand-me-down, or buy something second-hand, right?

15 Empty Bags Of Chips Everywhere Would Make You Wonder

Everyone loves to enjoy some potato chips, but bags of empty chips all over a guy’s apartment? That’s not something that you would love.

When you notice this in someone’s apartment, it would definitely make you wonder if he ever cleans up and why he’s okay with living like this. Sure, not everyone is a neat freak, and some people are more comfortable with a messy house than others. Still, you want a certain level of cleanliness in someone’s home. You would also wonder if he only eats junk food and never eats anything healthy, which is a sign that he’s a boy and not a man as well.

14 So Would Junk Food And Too Many Condiments In His Kitchen

Once you sneak a peek into his fridge and see that he’s only got condiments (and more condiments), and take a look around his kitchen and notice a lot of junk food, it would make you wonder if he’s got his stuff together or not. This would make him seem a lot younger than his actual age.

Junk food is fun and all… and yet at a certain point, you have to grow up, eat some vegetables, and keep healthy food in your fridge and cupboards. It’s not very mature to only eat junk food with a side of ketchup and mustard.

13 Papers And Clutter On Every Surface Say That He’s Disorganized


Just because you’re hanging out at a guy’s house doesn’t mean that you’re going to move in together at some point or even stay together. Still, it’s kind of a sneak-peek or preview. It allows you to get a small glimpse into the way that he lives and whether he’s messy or clean.

The fact that he has papers and clutter all over his apartment might not be something that you really enjoy seeing. This is particularly true if you’re organized and love having everything in its place. Opposites do attract and if you did get serious, you could always suggest putting things away, but you might be a bit turned off by all of the clutter.

12 You Wouldn’t Love If He Didn’t Have A Bookshelf (Or Not Even A Book)


Even if someone isn’t a voracious reader, they tend to have at least one bookshelf in their house, even if it’s a small one. Or they at least have a few novels lying around, making you think that they enjoy a good story every once in a while.

You wouldn’t love if a guy had zero books or no bookshelf in his apartment if you’re a huge reader. You could think twice about dating him, and you could think that he seems more like a boy than a man. It’s attractive when someone enjoys reading and learning. You might not feel that you have much in common with someone who doesn’t read.

11 The Same Thing Is True If His Only Books Are Old University Textbooks


Seeing only university textbooks in his place could signal that he hasn’t moved on from college or university. Yes, it can be a tough transition, and you can have some nostalgia for the good old days, particularly if you had an amazing time.

You might see the textbooks and wonder if he’s hoping that he could go back to those days. It makes it seem like he can’t be bothered to give them away or at least put them away in a place where you wouldn’t see them all the time. You would wonder if he acts like a grown-up if you see textbooks in his apartment.

10 He Might Not Be Ready For A Relationship If He’s Got Tons Of Video Games

Many guys love to play video games for hours and hours. Is it something that you want your boyfriend to do when he’s above the age of 25 (or even above the age of 18, depending on how you feel about the subject)? Probably not.

When a guy’s got tons of video games on display in his apartment, it can make you think that he’s not ready for a serious, mature relationship. He wants to spend his time playing these games, and can he really stop and devote that time to you? No one would blame you for having these doubts and questions.

9 You Would Be Confused About A Mountain Of Garbage In His Kitchen And Bathroom Garbage Cans

Taking out the garbage might not be the most fun chore imaginable. It’s not even close to enjoyable. But, well, it’s something that you have to do. Keeping smelly garbage in your kitchen and bathroom is an immature thing to do and it’s only going to upset you since, well, it’s not going to smell very pleasant.

You never want to see totally full garbage cans in a guy’s apartment. Honestly, it’s gross, and it’s not attractive. You wouldn’t be alone in wondering why he never takes the garbage out. Does he have something against it? Is he just lazy?

8 A Mattress On The Floor Instead Of An Actual Bed Is A Sign He’s Still A Boy


Simply put, it’s immature to sleep on a mattress on the bedroom floor instead of buying an actual bed. Sure, a bed might be expensive. That’s why you can buy second-hand ones or ask a friend or family member if they have an old bed that they can give you. Chances are, you can find something and it won’t set you back thousands of dollars.

It’s not great to see a mattress and not a bed. It would make you think that he’s a boy, not a man. It would make you wonder why he doesn’t even want a real bed since, come on, that’s going to be so much more comfortable.

7 He’s Got A Pizza Menu On His Fridge

You walk into his kitchen and see a pizza menu on his fridge, displayed super prominently. This could make you think that he doesn’t like to cook or, worse, never cooks.

Yes, everyone loves pizza, and sure, it’s a common thing to order when you’re tired or need a treat on a Friday night. Since many people order pizza online these days, it seems like it’s not that necessary to keep a physical take-out menu, so this might indicate that he orders pizza most nights of the week and doesn’t eat very healthy. If you like to cook and take care of yourself, this might not be something that you like or agree with.

6 If He Has Photos Or Relics Of His Last Girlfriend, He Hasn’t Moved On

Imagine being really excited to hang out at a guy’s apartment for the first time and pausing the movie that you two are watching to use the bathroom. You notice that there are all kinds of girly products in that room, whether under the sink or on the edge of the bathtub.

That’s a sign that he hasn’t moved on from his ex-girlfriend because otherwise, he would have gotten rid of that stuff (especially before you went over). The same thing is true if you see photos of her around the apartment. Even if he says that it’s over, it might not be.

5 There Is A Pile Of Dirty (As In Really Dirty) Dishes In The Sink Every Time You Go Over


Dirty dishes are never a pleasant sight. If you don’t have a dishwasher, then you might hate doing the dishes yourself, but you still do them. It’s just the grown-up thing to do.

You would absolutely clean up your kitchen and clean any dishes and put them away in their proper place before inviting company over. This would be true if you had a friend, love interest, or your mom or brother over. It’s common sense, right? Well, this guy has a sink full of dirty dishes, and it’s not just the first time that you go over. It’s every time.

This is a sign that he’s still a boy and it won’t be something that you like seeing.

4 He’s Definitely Still A Boy If He Never Throws Anything Out

You go over to this guy’s apartment for the first time and it’s the first thing that you notice: there are receipts and bills and mail and magazines and loose change absolutely everywhere. If there’s a surface, it’s covered in stuff.

This proves that he never throws anything out, and that proves that he’s immature. Acting your age and taking care of yourself means keeping the place that you live clean. That includes getting rid of things that need to be thrown out, like random pieces of paper or a takeout menu from a place that closed a year ago.

3 It’s A Bit Strange If He Keeps Every Item Of Clothing, Even If It Doesn’t Fit Anymore


How many items of clothing have you thrown out because they didn’t fit you anymore? Maybe you’re still sad about saying goodbye to your favorite band t-shirt from high school or those jeans that you got when you were 17 that fit so perfectly.

It sucks to realize that some clothes need to go. It’s the grown-up thing to do, though, so you do it. That’s not the case here and this guy keeps everything that he has ever worn, even t-shirts that are too small or jeans that are too big. It’s a little strange and makes you wonder why he doesn’t want to be more organized and clean.

2 He’s Not Super Manly If He’s Got Makeshift Furniture

It might be a hipster thing to do to have piles of books as a makeshift coffee table or use wood as a side table in your bedroom. It might look great on social media or seem really hip and cool. That doesn’t mean it’s super mature, of course.

Using these objects instead of buying real furniture is something that a boy would do. It’s the opposite of mature and would raise some red flags for you. It’s honestly okay to buy an actual coffee table. You can find all kinds of deals in stores and online, so this would make you wonder.

1 There Is Dust Literally Everywhere

The final immature accessory in a guy’s apartment: dust, dust, and more dust.

How would you feel if you put your purse down on his coffee table and dust started swirling in the air? Or if you noticed that every surface was covered in the stuff? It’s not cute or attractive and it definitely makes him seem like a boy, not a man. It could make you think twice about coming over again or continuing to date him.

It’s disheartening to see these things in a guy’s house, especially if you really like him. But his place of residence just might tell a story that you need to hear and show you the real him, and he just might not be mature enough for you.