Balance’s courtesan, Summer Bunni, who individuals fault for Offset and Cardi B’s partition, has uncovered some personal insights concerning Cardi and Offset’s life.

As per Summer Bunni, she and Cuban Doll aren’t the main individuals who engaged in extramarital relations with Offset while he was hitched to Cardi B.

Summer says Cardi B’s closest companion, Star Brim, likewise engaged in sexual relations with Offset before she headed out to imprison.

Star Brim and Cardi are close and Cardi has continually clarified that she will battle anybody for Star, who is right now in jail on Visa extortion charges.


Cardi B visiting Star in prison

Be that as it may, Summer is currently guaranteeing that Star wasn’t as faithful a companion to Cardi as Cardi has been to her.


Cardi has been known to go after women who had extramarital affairs with Offset. Now, people are wondering if she will fight her best friend when she comes out of jail in 2019